My Sister and Other Liars - Ruth Dugdall

My sister and other liars

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Official Blurb:

Sam is seventeen, starving herself and longing for oblivion. Her sister, Jena, is mentally scarred and desperate to remember. Between them, they share secrets too terrible to recall.
Eighteen months earlier, Sam was still full of hope: hope that she could piece together Jena’s fragmented memory after the vicious attack that changed their family forever. But digging into the past unearthed long-hidden lies and betrayals, and left Sam feeling helpless and alone in a world designed to deceive her.
Now, in a last bid to save her from self-imposed shutdown, Sam’s therapist is helping her confront her memories. But the road to recovery is a dangerous one. Because Sam has not only been lying to her doctors: she’s been hiding dark secrets from herself.

My Thoughts:

Brilliant book, I couldn’t put it down. I needed to know the secrets! (The dates don’t truly reflect how quickly I read this as I started at 11.30 pm on the 18th and finished at 12.05 am on the 20th! So just a little over 24 hours!)
I’d sort of guessed the ‘attacker’, but it was too awful I didn’t want to believe I was right! I didn’t see one of the twists coming though!,/br> I felt the end was really rushed though as soon as all the secrets had been revealed BAM end of the book! I still had a few questions that needed answers, and I think an epilogue of 6 months later or something would have finished it off nicely!
Other than that I really enjoyed this book.

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My Sister and Other Liars
by Ruth Dugdall
Date Started
18th July 2018
Date Finished
20th July 2018
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