Everywhere and Nowhere - Tracy Lorraine

Everywhere and nowhere

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Official Blurb:

The distance and time between us didn’t change anything.
I’ve always been his.
Now, we have what I always dreamed of.
A second chance.
We’re going back to where it all started.
Everywhere and nowhere.

My Thoughts:

A cute little end to Jay and Erin’s story.
I’d been worried about reading this story in case there were any down points as they had already had their happily ever after at the end of book two. However, I’m glad that this book ties everything up in a nice neat Christmas bow.
I wasn’t too sure about reading a Christmas book in June; I usually save them to curl up with in December to put me in the festive mood but hey ho.
It was short and sweet but just enough to see this little family come together, get over the problems of the past and look forward to their future.

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Everywhere and Nowhere
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
18th July 2018
Date Finished
18th July 2018
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