Mr Stone - Olivia Hawthorne

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Official Blurb:

Elise Carmichael: I just wanted a job.
Getting hired at Stone Industries would make my entire career.
But after a disastrous mixup, I ended up interviewing for much more than I had bargained for with the CEO.
I'd been warned to stay away from him, he was a notorious heart breaker.
But sometimes a tiger can change his stripes, especially when the fire burns as hot as ours.
Devlin Stone: You might have heard of me. Billionaire playboy, determined bachelor, guilty of screwing my way through half the high end models in Milan.
On a whim one Friday I did something I'd never done and I did it with a tall, curvy blonde goddess who kept me on my toes.
But when it all fell apart I was left with one burning question.
Would she ever submit to me and believe in our love?

My Thoughts:

This was a fast-paced story of misunderstanding that leads to love.
I really enjoyed how each chapter instead of picking up straight away where the previous one left off, it would skip back slightly in time. This meant you could get the other person’s perspective of the situation while still moving forward with the story. The chapters alternated between Elise and Devlin, so you knew what both of them were thinking about everything that was happening.
The misunderstanding was interesting and amusing and built up anticipation for when it would all be made clear. I was expecting fireworks from Elise once she found out, but it fell a little flat if I’m honest. She seemed very meek, and I would have liked her to be a bit more feisty to match Devlin’s personality.
I enjoyed this, but I thought it could have been a little better with a little more development of the story.

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Mr Stone
by Olivia Hawthorne
Date Started
31st March 2019
Date Finished
31st March 2019
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