Mr Pink - Dee Ellis

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Official Blurb:

Holden Hill's life was the stuff legends were made of -- until his world was darkned by tragedy. Now his little girl needs more than his billions can buy. They both do.
When he hires a nanny for his daughter he doesn't expect her to help him too. But, all Emrie's bright colors and sweet ways win both father and daughter over.
Soon their stark and bleak home comes to life with bursts of light and color. His withdrawn little girl comes back to life, excited to share all her secrets with Emrie.
Holden's secret? He fell in love with the help.

My Thoughts:

This felt rushed and underdeveloped. I felt like I was coming in mid-way through a story, and the more I read, the more I hoped I would get some details into their lives and what had happened to Holden’s late wife, but we don’t.
It is just a massive gush fest about how Emrie has come into his life and made it better. It’s all about the two of them with the daughter kind of wedged in the middle. He doesn’t even react properly when his daughter starts speaking again just gushes at Emrie some more. There should have been tears, relief and wonderment, but there wasn’t it was just accepted.
I’m not sure where the billionaire side of things fits in with this book, we have to guess that he is one, but we get no details into this at all. He isn’t even the pink one the wonderful Emrie is! So really it should have been ‘Miss Pink’.
The overuse of ‘baby’ drove me insane; it was all part of the gushiness and ego-boosting between the two of them.
I think it’s fair to say this was the worst of the ten Billionaire books that I have read!

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Mr Pink
by Dee Ellis
Date Started
31st March 2019
Date Finished
31st March 2019
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