Legend - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

I made one mistake…
And she made one phone call that nearly destroyed my life.
I’ve spent the past year plotting my revenge and imagining all the wicked things I’d do to her when our paths finally crossed again.
I just had no idea it would be so soon.
The last thing I expected when I re-entered the world was to find myself right in the middle of hers.
The girl who betrayed me, the snitch who ruined me—here for the taking.
While she’s been oblivious here in Rosewood, I’ve been trapped in hell.
Better watch your back, Harley Hunter.
You’re about to be owned by a Legend.

My Thoughts:

I’ve had up and down feelings about the Rosewood High series. There have been times when I’ve decided that I wouldn’t continue with the books, but each time I’ve given in, read it and loved it. This is definitely one of those times, and I’m actually now quite gutted the series is over. However, I am looking forward to moving on to more mature characters at Maddison King University.
In this final instalment, we meet Kyle and get to know more about Harley Hunter that has been on the periphery of a few of the books now. It was about time she got her HEA. She is undoubtedly a feisty character, but she does get a lot of trouble thrown at her in her own story, and it makes for fascinating reading. Kyle Legend has a very sketchy past, but he is being given a second chance. He has history with Harley, but it’s definitely a love/hate relationship. They want to hate each other because of their pasts, but the love/hate line is a very fine one.
These books have definitely gotten darker and darker, and I love the drama interspersed amongst all the steamy scenes. There is plenty of both, and it is the perfect recipe to keep you hooked as their story evolves.
Harley’s friend Stella plays a more significant part in this story, and she herself is a fascinating character. I do hope we get her narrative at some point. The author has alluded to this in her acknowledgements, and I really hope this comes to fruition as there is so much left unsaid. This final book was certainly written to set the way for the new series. We are given tidbits about Kane and Letty who are going to be the stars of the show in the first book. It really whetted our appetite for more of their story and to find out what Kane is up to.
Overall, it’s been an interesting series with some of the books being better than others. Ethan and Zayn stand out as my favourites, whereas Chelsea and Shane didn’t really do much for me. Although, saying that I have enjoyed Chelsea being the bossy and strong cheerleader in the last three books. I am very excited to see who will play a cameo in future books and whether we will see what they are all still up to.

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by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
6th February 2021
Date Finished
9th February 2021
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