Fight for Me - Rachel Schurig

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Official Blurb:

The brand new Ransom Family series continues with the next chapter.
Wyatt's book has:
A forbidden secret romance!
Piano based flirtations
A rescue dog that may increase his new owner's attractiveness by at least 50%
Stolen sunset kisses
A Ransom reality show?!?

My Thoughts:

I love this series!
We first get to know Wyatt when he is nine years old and has his first run-in with the Ransome clan. It was very hard to marry up that young boy with this grown-up and sophisticated man. He is 33 now but boy he is still just as charming as that little boy that slicked his hair back to be like Cash.
There is a lot of angst in this book as the two protagonists are part of the same ‘family’. I did have to remind myself that although they had grown up together, they weren’t blood-related and there was no incest going on. I wish more people would speak to one another though, instead of holding all their thoughts and feelings in. For a close family, they don’t like to confide in one another.
I love how the author manages to capture a distinct personality for each of her characters. I don’t feel like I am reading a cookie-cutter version of the last book but something unique instead. Rachel manages to do this perfectly, and I think that is why I like these books so much as you feel like you are getting to know everyone individually.
I liked the reality show side of things as I am a major reality show fan; I love the Kardashians. I was really getting a good vibe from this side of the story and could imagine it all perfectly as similar has happened in that show before.
I like that we are circling through various groups that have formed between the cousins but still getting some overlap of characters we have met before. It is getting easier and easier to remember who is who and I didn’t have to refer to the family tree chart once in this book.
I’m really excited for more of this series but was gutted that the author didn’t hint at who was up next. I’m thinking, maybe Everly? I’m sure she was hiding something!
Overall, another fantastic read from Rachel Schurig as part of the spin-off series from the Ransome brothers. I couldn’t put this down and had to keep making time to read it. I’m gutted that I have finished it and keep thinking about everyone even though I’m done. I always think this is an excellent testament to a fantastic book!

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Fight For Me
by Rachel Schurig
Date Started
9th February 2021
Date Finished
11th February 2021
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