In the Dark - Cara Hunter

Reading Challenge Category: Re-read of series

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Re-read review 2022:
I am re-reading this series as I have been given the latest one as an ARC via NetGalley to read. So I needed to refresh my mind on all the characters. My review from 2018 is pretty accurate, and how I still felt re-reading it. I couldn’t remember anything that had happened, so it was like reading it for the first time. The twists and turns still shocked me, and I was gripped until the end.
I literally couldn't put it down; it was that good, and usually, a re-read for me can go a bit slower, but this didn't do that. Once again, the lack of chapters really helped with 'oh, let's just read another little section'.
I enjoyed getting to know the detectives and police officers in more detail, as before I started re-reading, I really couldn't remember them.
Still, a solid five-star read from me, and I can certainly see myself re-reading this again in a few years' time and still enjoying it. I really want to go straight onto book three, but unfortunately, I have another book commitment to read first; it will drive me mad waiting!

Original Review 2018:
Cara Hunter is a labyrinth mastermind! This book had so many twists and turns; I don’t know how she kept track of what she was writing about! She must have had one hell of a plot board with pins and strings everywhere to keep control of her story. Whatever she did it worked as not once did I get lost in what was happening, it was a complicated story, but it was so well written that I knew what was happening, I knew when things changed, and I was able to keep up. Sometimes these twists can go so wrong, and you have to think ‘ok let’s just go with this as I’m sort of getting it’, but not with Hunter, you knew exactly what was going on, and you could even pick up a few of the clues along the way. However, not enough to be able to solve the crime yourself, well I couldn’t anyway! I’d really enjoyed her first book “Close to Home’, and this book really develops on the police team that you met in that book. So even though this is a stand-alone crime story, you need to have read the first book to know what is happening with these characters to fully enjoy the story. Hence the reason I read this one before I read the third book of hers that I have received as an ARC from Netgalley.
Overall, this is a fantastic book, and just like the first book, the last few pages leave you with your mouth hanging open in shock and screaming at the book!

In the Dark
by Cara Hunter
Date Started
14th June 2022
Date Finished
17th June 2022