Friday Night with the Girls - Shari Low

Reading Challenge Category: Book club June read

Official Blurb:

You should write it all down, Lou, so that your daughter can understand what happened. Everything. Right from the start.
Lou Cairney's life has never been dull. But through twenty years of ups, downs and really bad hairstyles, Lou has had the best friends a woman could hope for in Lizzy and Ginger.
Growing up together, they shared their dreams and their disasters, broken hearts and career crashes and they survived it all thanks to love, hope and a large dollop of humour. And cocktails. Lots of cocktails.
Until now.
Lou needs her friends more than ever because her past has just caught up with her in a shocking way.
Everyone makes mistakes in life - but Lou has just discovered that she might have made the biggest one of all.

My Thoughts:

I have absolutely loved all of Shari Low’s books, so I recommended her to my book club last month, and with this being only one of two that I haven’t read, we settled on this one. So I knew my reputation was on the line, but I had immense faith in Low not letting me down. She didn’t! I’ve just gotten back from my book club’s discussion on this, and the consensus was that everyone loved it; phew!
I, too, of course, loved it. It was sooooo lovely to see Josie so young and still the same person she was back then. She is completely off her nut and awesome.
The amount of crazy you would expect from a Shari Low book was abundant in this one. The characters are as wacky as ever, and you took to them immediately.
There was an undercurrent of some sadness going on whenever we landed in the present-day sections when the three girls were having a few nights away. So, you knew something more serious was coming. I found this made you even more invested in the characters in case they were taken away from you. You wanted to hold them tight and soak up as much of them as possible.
The story was well balanced, and I loved how the majority of it was set in the 80s and early 90s, when life was so much simpler. No phones, fun music and out-of-the-ordinary hairstyles. Everything about this was just great, fun, and as one of the book club girls said, it was a brilliant pallet cleanser (we’d read three bad books on the run, so a good one was needed!). Thank you, Shari, for not letting me down! Five stars without a doubt!

Friday Night with the Girls
by Shari Low
Date Started
17th June 2022
Date Finished
21st June 2022