Hunter - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

I’m a nobody... until everybody realizes who I am and who I’m related to.
Then it’s like a giant target is painted on my back. They all think they can use me to climb the Rosewood High royalty ladder.
They obviously underestimate me. I won’t cower down or give in.
They can’t break me. But he can... without even trying.
Zayn Hunter.
He doesn’t want to use me... he’s already at the top— one of the Kings of the school.
He wants something else. Something he can’t have.
Yet he’s always there, living up to his name. Stalking me, like I’m his prey...
Maybe I am.
Even with the teasing and taunting, he’s not the real predator. He’s my protector.
His rescuing could be my undoing.
Because not everything is a game, and the boy I love to hate isn’t the only one watching.
He just might be the only one who sees me... the real me.
I just hope it’s enough.

My Thoughts:

After not enjoying the last book in this series, I was seriously considering being done with the Rosewood High books. However, I’m a sucker for Tracy Lorraine’s books and having read every single one I knew that one bad one didn’t mean I couldn’t continue to enjoy any future books.
I’m certainly glad I didn’t give up on this series as Zayn and Poppy’s story is now one of my favourites. Poppy is such a sweet girl and deserves all the happiness in the world.
The storyline surrounding Preston was very dark, and it did frustrate me quite a bit that she was keeping quiet, but I suppose that is quite common for psychologically abused people. I actually felt terrified for her and wanted her to walk behind Zayn everywhere she went to keep safe!
There is a lot packed into this book, and I devoured it wanting to know the outcomes to all the crap that was being thrown at poor Poppy. She certainly had a lot to deal with, and I think counselling will be a permanent feature of her future. Yes, I know she’s not real, but the author writes these characters, so you care for them as if they are!
The only slight niggle I had with the book was Poppy and Zayne’s ages. It felt wrong to be reading about seventeen-year-olds doing the things they were. I know they are of legal age, but it did still feel slightly seedy. I had to keep trying to remember if I was as mature as that at seventeen or not. Also to not see them as young kids but young adults instead.
I’m looking forward to the next book in the series as there certainly seems to have been a lot of shit going down with Ruby (I’ve not read ‘Faze’ yet, so I know I will need to before her full-length book is released in January!)

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by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
10th November 2020
Date Finished
12th November 2020
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