His Wicked Witch - Kim Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

Rule #1: professors don’t sleep with students.
When I took a guest position at Oak Ridge University, the last thing I planned on meeting Tilly. But she is everything I picture in the perfect woman, and I can’t resist her proposition. One night together, no strings attached.
The moment my lips are on hers, it’s clear we are meant for more than one night. Until she falls into my class on Monday morning.
We’re not supposed to be together. That’s what all the rules say. But I’ve never been good at following rules, and what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

My Thoughts:

This was an easy and fun read. It was a little predictable, but this didn’t dampen the enjoyment of the story.
Tilly meets Jude on a night out, not really knowing anything about one another they have ONE explosive night. Emphasis on ‘one’ as that’s all Tilly is prepared to give. Love isn’t always that simple, though, and they both want more! After several misunderstandings, Halloween plays a big part in their happy ever after!
We are treated to two epilogues so that we can keep revelling in Jude and Tilly’s joy. It is a great and fitting end for these two.
I liked the crossovers with some other Halloween honey books I’ve read and seeing more of Tilly who I met in ‘His Curvy Cougar’!
Jude was a really likeable character, and I thought the few British colloquiums thrown in like Jude calling someone ‘love’ were excellent additions!
Overall, a great addition to the Halloween honey collaboration and a fantastic read.

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His Wicked Witch
by Kim Lorraine
Date Started
23rd October 2019
Date Finished
23rd October 2019
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