His Dirty Dancer - Kelli Callahan

Reading Challenge Category: Free from Kindle Unlimited

Official Blurb:

I can't let anyone find out my secret...
What's scarier than a Zombie Dancer in a Haunted House?
Taking the stage for real.
Having to dance to pay my tuition.
But nobody can find out, or else I'll be ruined.
Then he walks through the door.
The hottest professor at Oak Ridge University.
Every girl's secret fantasy, including mine.
He sees right through my disguise.
And now he wants more than just a dance.
He'll keep my secret.
If I do what he wants.
But what he wants isn't what I expected.
And if I'm not careful.
I might just fall in love.

My Thoughts:

Hmmm, I can’t really say that I enjoyed this book. It had a great premise and backbone of a story, but I’m not convinced it was executed to its best.
The conversations are very cumbersome and don’t flow smoothly. They don’t seem real but instead very staged. The storyline itself was very clunky. I think the best bits were the sex scenes. I felt like the author rushed through the rest of the book just to concentrate her writing skills on this section only.
There were a lot of typos, extra words and grammatical errors that were very distracting. I’m not reading this as an ARC but months after publication so it should have gone through a final proofread and editing process. Very annoying.
There was plenty of drama, and as I say, the story behind the writing had potential, but it just wasn’t quite right.
I’m, also, not sure why it was part of the Halloween honey collaboration, other than a few throwaway comments about the haunted house it had nothing to do with Halloween!
Not a great read, I’m afraid, and if I hadn’t have read a five-star book from Kelli Callahan for the May Flower series, I would be giving up on her. I can only assume her writing got better with practice.

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His Dirty Dancer
by Kelli Callahan
Date Started
22nd October 2019
Date Finished
23rd October 2019
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