His Sloe Screw - Alexandria Hunt

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Official Blurb:

New to Vegas, Hatch Malone just wants to grow his building business, keep his head down and start his life fresh after a stint in prison for his ties with the Blood Soldiers Motorcycle Club.
Hired to install a bar at an upscale cocktail lounge, Hatch realizes his plans are going to be tougher than he thought. Not only is the owner’s sultry bartender niece seemingly hell bent on driving him crazy with her pouty mouth and her quick wit, but her father might have connections to his former motorcycle club's rivals.
Kitty Donatello loves nothing more than to piss off her father. He won’t let her move away and fulfill her dreams of a higher education because of his ties to organized crime. She’s been forced to work in her uncle’s cocktail bar so the family can keep her in line. They’re over protective and absolutely certain she’s going to be a target because of her father’s deeds.
Because of this, she sets her sights on the new carpenter, Hatch, and decides to play a little under the family’s nose to get her father’s attention and upset the old man. Little does she know, her games are going to get her more than she bargained for, and all six foot four of muscled, quiet, alpha male are going to make sure she’s as serious as a heart attack when he decides she belongs to him.

My Thoughts:

This is Olivia Hawthorne writing as Alexandria Hunt.
This book had a completely different quality to it. It had a gritty and dark back story for both of the characters.
Hatch is just out of prison and is looking for a new start so heads to Las Vegas. Trying to make a point to her mob boss father, Kitty is working in the bar of the hotel he owns. She wants to get his attention by wearing skimpy dresses and flirting with the clientele. She doesn’t expect to actually end up falling for one of the clients, and one daddy wouldn’t approve of!
The background story really gave this story some potency and gripped you right from the beginning. It still has all the usual naughty moments and a happy ever after.
I was really pleased that there wasn’t the usual cliched epilogue, the final chapter and the end of the book was fitting to the characters and the story we had been engrossed in.
I can see this having a follow-on story, or even there being a story about Hatch before he went to prison, I don’t know if these already exist?
I was pleasantly surprised by this book and enjoyed something a little different.

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His Sloe Screw
by Alexandria Hunt
Date Started
3rd October 2019
Date Finished
3rd October 2019
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