His Salvation - Laney Powell

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Official Blurb:

Broken Falls Ranch...
Where broken hearts go to heal.
At the age of twenty-four, I had it all. I'd made it through first Ranger, and then Delta training. As far as I could see, I was on my way to a long and exciting career in the Army. Until the IED blew up right in front of me. It left me broken; unable to walk, or talk, and with a future so bleak I couldn't even think about it.
So when Mona, my main nurse in rehab, suggests that I travel with her so that she can get home to see her mother, I figure, why not? It's not like I have anywhere else to be. And Mona, at least, understands my issues. I don't have to explain. What I don't expect is that she plops me down on a ranch outside of town telling me good luck with the old guy who owns it.
And I certainly don't expect to be hired help all over the county, but that's how things are. I'm dragged with Freeze, the old guy, over to a chicken ranch to help them repair their barn. That's when I see her. Hazel. She's the most beautiful girl I've ever met. Her grandmother is eying me like I'm a fox in the henhouse. But Hazel is looking at me like she wants to be caught. At least I hope so.
Is it all just foolish on my part to hope? If I could get Hazel to talk to me, I might have the chance to find out.

My Thoughts:

Having read book five before this one I’d already had a tiny glimpse at Lucas. There were snippets of a story that I just knew I needed to know the intricate details. So, I caught up fast with book three and went straight onto this one.
This book moves at a much slower pace than the others in the series. Lucas doesn’t arrive at Broken Falls Ranch until approximately 25% into the book. This means we really get to know him and Hazel as individuals first.
I really like how they take the relationship slowly and tentatively as well. It was really in keeping with the characters. They both had issues that needed nurturing, and the author did a fantastic job of covering the topics.
I liked the drama caused by Nan; it was different from anything else that had gone before in the other books. It made for great reading.
So, this is the last of the Broken Falls Ranch books that are available for me to read. I got the impression at the end of book five that is all we are going to get, and the author is now spinning off to a different story but still sort of involved in this one? So, it will be interesting to see where that goes, but I am going to miss Freeze, Pris, Axel and the rest of the bunch! A fantastic and lighthearted series that I 100% recommend.

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His Salvation
by Laney Powell
Date Started
30th October 2020
Date Finished
31st October 2020
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