His Destiny - Laney Powell

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Official Blurb:

Broken Falls Ranch...
Where broken hearts go to heal.
When you're up against the pushiest nurse in the world, you're really unarmed. That's what I discovered when I woke up in the hospital after surviving the bomb that took out most of my team. The minute I'm physically healed, the pushy nurse has me on my way out to the middle of Montana. She says it will take care of everything else.
Me, I'm not so sure. But since I'm not going back into the Corps, I figure why fight her? I can always leave if this ranch isn't what I need. And once I meet Danielle, there's no way I'm going anywhere else.
The problem is, Danielle is not here to stay. Not only is she leaving, she's going places. Who am I to try and hold her back? When you love someone, you set them free, right?
But what if she doesn't come back?

My Thoughts:

Even though I knew the happy ending for Colt and Danielle before reading this, having read book five before books three and four, it didn’t ruin the pleasure of their story.
This starts pretty much the same as the other books in the series. A military guy is hurt and doesn’t want to or can’t return to service. His nurse, Mona, recommends a place that will heal more than just his broken ribs, Broken Falls Ranch.
I really liked Danielle’s character; she was outspoken and feisty. Colt didn’t do much for me as he was a bit too introverted. So I couldn’t feel the chemistry between them the same way I could from the characters in book five.
However, their storyline was still enjoyable. There are plenty of ups and downs, blush moments and cameos from characters we have met before.
I think I like the epilogues the best for these books as they aren’t just about the main protagonists from this one book but all the personalities at the ranch. We get to hear from Freeze himself and see more of the happy ever afters of all the ranch hands and their girls.
Overall, a good read and I’m going to get straight onto book four so that I am all caught up with this series!

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His Destiny
by Laney Powell
Date Started
29th October 2020
Date Finished
30th October 2020
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