His Long Island Ice Tea - Roxy Sinclaire

Reading Challenge Category: A catch-up Flirt Club book

Official Blurb:

He came to Vegas for business. He didn’t know he was going to add in pleasure too.
I never thought I'd have to rescue Mia from the wrath of her creepy boss. Even worse, Maximo is also my new business partner.
Mia's way too gorgeous and smart to be working in a bar for minimum wage, especially when she wants more and deserves better.
And once I’ve had her curves in the palms of my hands, I can't help but crave more.
She's got something I thirst for, and for once it's not bourbon.

My Thoughts:

I do so enjoy visiting the LBD books and seeing what take each author has on the story and the waitresses and clientele.
This is a very different story from any of the others that I read. I felt like maybe I should have read it last as there was such a big shakeup. Going back and reading some of the others where this reorganising hasn’t taken place might feel a bit strange.
It is the only book that Roxy Sinclaire has written with the Flirt Club (unless this is a pseudonym and she is one of the other authors!?!) I was very impressed with the story-telling and how this book felt longer than it was. It didn’t feel rushed, and you really felt like you got to know the characters.
Both Mia and Alexander have a background that you get to know; you know what makes them tick, and the sex scenes weren’t overpowering. I felt like it was about more than just the two of them getting into bed.
Overall, a really enjoyable and brilliantly written short read.

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His Long Island Ice Tea
by Roxy Sinclaire
Date Started
31st March 2020
Date Finished
31st March 2020
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