Dear Mr Firefighter - Kelli Callahan

Reading Challenge Category: A catch-up Flirt Club book

Official Blurb:

A matchmaking service is going to help me find true love? Yeah right.
I didn't have any real expectations.
But it wasn't like I had anything to lose.
They matched me with Cain.
Formerly a Navy SEAL.
Currently a firefighter.
And oh boy.
He gives hot-as-sin a whole new meaning.
I never asked to be signed up for the matchmaking service.
But apparently my niece thought I needed a girlfriend.
Truthfully? That's the last thing I need.
I'm too broken for love.
That ship sailed a long time ago.
How do I delete this profile anyway?

My Thoughts:

It was great to be back in the world of Grace Graham with her matchmaking service ‘What The Heart Wants’. This is the last book I had to read in the series, and it was a fantastic addition.
It was slightly longer than some of the others, so you are really getting to know the characters, their backgrounds and them getting to know one another. I really liked the pace of the story; it was a nice slow build-up to the romance, and you could really feel the characters falling for one another. The rule of no sex for three months was a different addition for this story as I don’t recall any of the other books having this stipulation in them. It worked well for Chloe and Cain, though, as you could feel the sexual frustration between the two bouncing off the page.
There was lots of drama going on around the couple as well, with Chloe’s job and Cain’s family. It really made it feel like a full-blown novel. I did feel as if the ending was a little rushed compared to the rest of the book, however. There are two epilogues and they really fast-track you through the ending to this couple’s journey. I did roll my eyes at the very cliche ending as I always do I knocked one star off because of this.
Overall, a brilliant love story which wasn’t too in your face and made for a lovely easy read.

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Dear Mr Firefighter
by Kelli Callahan
Date Started
30th March 2020
Date Finished
31st March 2020
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