His French Maid - Frankie Love

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Official Blurb:

“You're filthy dirty. Let me clean you up…”
Ava McIntyre is the sexiest bookworm on campus, and way too sweet for a player like me.
But damn, I want her.
At a party we make a bet -- a bet I make sure to win. Making good on her word, she comes to my Frat house to my clean my dirty room.
She may be here to mop and dust, but the heat between us in undeniable.
Ava doesn’t trust men-- especially guys with my track record.
But I’m going to show her that I’m more than meets the eye.
I’ll clean up my act to prove to this sexy French maid that I’m the only man she needs.

My Thoughts:

This was an enjoyable little read and a nice contribution to the ‘Halloween Honeys’ books that I’m trying to catch up on.
Andy and Ava meet at a party and have dance-off bet. One of them must clean the other’s room as they are both known for their slobbish ways.
Once in the bedroom it’s hard to keep their hands off each other and before long blush moments are happening.
There are plenty of ups and downs to keep us interested in their story, and we are wondering at one point whether they will get they happily ever after!
Overall, a fun and pleasant read.

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His French Maid
by Frankie Love
Date Started
20th October 2019
Date Finished
20th October 2019
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