His Curvy Cougar - Chantel Seabrook

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Official Blurb:

Tattooed. Muscled. A beast on the field and in the bedroom.
I’m the opposite of what PhD student Samantha thinks she wants.
But damn, I know what she needs.
I might be five years younger than her, but I know how to satisfy a real woman.
This Halloween I’m going to make my curvy cougar purr like the sex-kitten she was meant to be.

My Thoughts:

This book had a little bit of a different feel to it mainly due to Samantha’s age and her not being your typical sorority college girl.
I liked Samantha’s insecurity. It made her feel like a real person. I’m on the curvy side so I can completely relate about not wanting anyone to see your wobbly bits. This was well-written to capture how she would have been feeling about letting a younger and muscled guy see her naked. I could understand why she thought she wasn’t worthy of him, even though it was undeniable that she was!
Even though the ending finished how I don’t usually like them to, I did enjoy the extra element. Austen was such a charismatic and amiable character. He had so many levels to him. I felt like this short story was well-developed, and it really captures the reader’s hearts to their love story.
Overall, a charming, pleasant and entertaining story from an author who I haven’t come across before. I do believe this is the only story that she did with the Flirt Club, which is a shame.

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His Curvy Cougar
by Chantel Seabrook
Date Started
17th October 2019
Date Finished
17th October 2019
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