Her Holiday Hook-Up - Gigi Love

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Official Blurb:

He’s her little brother’s best friend. She’s his first love. Now, they hate each other and are forced to spend the holidays together. What could go wrong?
I fell in love with Holly Webster when I was fifteen.
She was my best friend’s older sister.
She was wild and crazy and always getting into trouble.
I can’t stand her.
And the feeling is mutual.
So the fact that we’ve been shoved together under one roof this holiday season is sure to be interesting.
I hate Holly Webster.
And I plan to make her as miserable as she makes me this holiday break.

My Thoughts:

It is officially the month of Christmas, so I thought I’d get the month started with a quick and easy festive read. This book ticked all the boxes!
It is only 49 pages long, so I quickly got through it, but it didn’t feel rushed. I felt like there was enough time to get to know Holly and Foster. We find out about their past and what has them hating on each other. We know about their current lives, and we get a glimpse at their future. It was the perfect quick read.
The festive side of things isn’t too rammed down your throat; it had the right balance and left me feeling lovely and Christmassy!
Overall, a good read and I will be looking to see if this author has any other short and sweet books I can read!

Her Holiday Hook-Up
by Gigi Love
Date Started
1st December 2021
Date Finished
1st December 2021