Abandon - Angel Devlin

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Official Blurb:

All work and no play…
Ashley Jenson's most successful relationship is her career. Newly promoted to manager of Abandon, she's determined to make her boss, Aidan, proud.
Newly appointed deputy manager, Lucas, fresh from a previous employment scandal, is not impressed that Aidan has neglected to tell him his new boss is female.
Their working relationship is polite, distant and strictly professional.
Or is it? As months pass and the two of them grow closer, can they abandon the ghosts of their pasts to risk a future of love?

My Thoughts:

This was a really great read. It is quite short, at only 144 pages long, but it felt like a full-blown novel. You really feel as if you get to know the characters, the majority didn’t feel rushed (a bit more on this later), and it was very well-rounded.
I liked that we really got to know Ash and Lucas properly; we were in on their most inner thoughts and knew what made them tick. The build-up of the relationship was a slow burn, and it made it all that more exciting. The detail on the business side of things made it feel like more of a sophisticated read than just being set in a sex club. I felt excited by everything Ash was managing to achieve in getting the club up and running and making such a success.
The chemistry between the two of them flew off the page, and all of that part was very well written.
The only downside to the book was the ending. It felt very rushed, and we were jumping from one character to the next really quickly, and I felt a bit whiplashed. This wasn’t helped by the final epilogue jumping five years ahead. I felt like all of a sudden; I’d missed loads of the story. Especially as Aidan tapes off their apartments for a surprise, but we never find out what that surprise was.
So, overall a fantastic read; I just think a little more detail at the end to match the flow of the rest of the book would have made this a five-star read. As it stands, it fell just below that with a solid four stars.

by Angel Devlin
Date Started
29th November 2021
Date Finished
30th November 2021