Her Firecracker - Laney Powell

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Official Blurb:

Serena Nothing like being the only one standing at the altar to make you want to move somewhere new and start all over. That also means no more men - I'm going to be all business, all the time. The perfect opportunity comes to me via a friend - I love my Spar Island girls - and I end up going for a dream and buying my own bakery in Milltown, Colorado, just in time for the town's big fireworks celebration.
And everything is great until he walks in.
I thought the fireworks show and the various fires were the hottest things I had to deal with after coming home to Milltown. That is until I met Serena, who just bought the bakery that's right down the street from the firehouse where I'm working. Calling her a distraction is an understatement.  And her buttercream frosting isn't the only thing that melts in my mouth.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoy Laney Powell’s books especially the continuation of the Spa Island Girls!
This time we are following Serena, who was jilted at the alter a year previously. We jump through time quite quickly at the begging getting her back story and the bare bones of what has her so heartbroken and reluctant to ‘trust’ again.
She has decided for a completely fresh start in Milltown and has bought a bakery to live out her dreams. She has no intention of meeting a man; she just wants to make a success of her new business and live happily ever after.
However, she hadn’t banked on Nate, the sexy firefighter and overall smooth talker.
I really enjoyed how the story built up slowly. Serena holds onto her beliefs that she doesn’t want another man in her life to shatter her hopes and dreams. And this is what she is convinced will happen if she lets Nate in, after all, isn’t he just another player?
She soon realises, though, that she can be happy with her new life and let Nate in. This book really plays with the emotions; it is on tenterhooks at one point whether we will get the happily ever after that we really want for Serena. It is very well-written!

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Her Firecracker
by Laney Powell
Date Started
1st July 2019
Date Finished
1st July 2019
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