Falling Star - Rachel Schurig

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Official Blurb:

It should be a dream come true—three months of rent-free living in a Hollywood Hills mansion with a mega-hot, internationally famous movie star for a roommate. There’s only one problem. That mega-hot movie star? He’s my boss’s client. He’s also a mega-jerk.
The only way to get the promotion I’ve been working towards for years is to spend the next three months babysitting a spoiled, snarky movie star. Killian Cooper is on his last chance in Hollywood. He can either get his life together and stay sober while filming his next movie, or he can kiss his acting career goodbye. The studio isn’t taking any chances—they decide that Killian needs a full-time accountability partner, and I’m the not-so-lucky girl chosen for the job. Unless I can keep this bad boy celeb on the straight and narrow, my Hollywood dreams will go down the drain, right along with his career.
All I need to do is keep Killian company in his massive—and surprisingly lonely—mansion, accompany him to the movie set each day, and keep a tight lock on the wine cellar. Easy peasy, right?
Not so fast. Killian isn’t happy with the babysitting arrangement, and he seems determined to drive me crazy with his near constant snark and totally crappy attitude. Even worse, when he’s not actively trying to make my life difficult, he’s strutting around the house, tempting me with that hot action-star body and those broody, way-too-beautiful-to-handle eyes. Don’t even get me started on the shirtless push-ups…
Getting to know Killian Cooper is proving to be a dangerous endeavor—the more time I spend with him, the less obnoxious he seems. When his walls start to come down, I realize there’s more to this falling star than meets the eye. And he might just be my Hollywood dream come true after all.

My Thoughts:

I love re-entering a world I’ve not been in for a while. I was tempted to re-read the first books ready for this one, but I just didn’t have the time. There was no need, though. Some of the characters pop up from the first few books in the Lovestruck series, but if you hadn’t read them, you wouldn’t feel like you were missing out on anything. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I remembered and how at ease I felt with these characters. I think that is an excellent testament to how well these books are written. Schurig eases you back into the story, but at the same time, they have left a lasted impression on you.
This latest instalment follows the final ‘star’ of the Darkness film franchise, Killian. He is completely messing up his life, and if someone doesn’t step in soon to help him, he will have nothing left to salvage!
Imogen (who we met in one of the earlier books) is hoping for a promotion from her boss and is excited to have her own Hollywood clients, but first, she has one last hurdle to overcome, babysit the spiralling Killian!
I loved the chemistry between these two characters. Killian is so dark; you actually think there is no hope for him. He doesn’t even want to be saved. Imogen is light a ray of sunshine; she reminds me a lot of Paige from the Ransome series. Even though she has a lot of Paige’s optimism, she still had her own traits that make her completely unique. She really does pull through and give up her life to achieve the one goal of looking after Killian. Personally, the thought of having to move into someone else’s home for three months and not being able to live my life sounds like a nightmare. However, like her mantra kept saying “she is getting to stay in a mansion!’
The story develops at a pleasant pace, there is enough happening, and enough drama to keep you turning the page. At the same time, it is giving you plenty of opportunity to really get to know the characters and to fall in love with them.
I liked the ending; it didn’t feel too perfect, you are left wondering if there will be a happy ever after or not right up to the end.
Overall, another fantastic book from Rachel Schurig, she never disappoints! I really hope this isn’t the end of the Lovestruck series now that we have covered all the characters and we get to re-visit them all again in the future?

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Falling Star
by Rachel Schurig
Date Started
1st July 2019
Date Finished
2nd July 2019
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