Her Christmas Hunk - Lexi Rose

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Official Blurb:

I’d never been auctioned before
I was terrified
All the other girls were so beautiful
What if nobody bid on me?
What if I was publicly humiliated?
What if I ruined the charity event?
My heart was pounding, and my legs were wobbly
But then Tristan happened…
Tall, dark, and handsome
He’s the kind of man I’d only ever dreamed about
But now he’s mine…
Always and forever
It was just a charity auction
But then I saw Olivia...
From the very first second
She took my breath away
I had to have her
Her beautiful curves,
Her sensitive smile
She’s the woman of my dreams
And now she’s my reality...

My Thoughts:

This was a fast and steamy short read.
Olivia and Tristan meet during a charity auction and Olivia being not the cookie-cutter model of what you’d expect at one of these things made for a different take on this type of book. Being a curvy girl myself I thought the fear she felt for having to go on that stage was captured perfectly.
Tristan was very intense and quite a frightening individual. I know he would have made me feel very intimidated in his presence.
The book did feel slightly rushed and would jump very quickly through time from one paragraph to the next. There weren’t many segues, and I was left feeling a little whiplashed trying to keep up.
Overall, it was a fun and light-hearted read, and as promised by the author, it didn’t take longer than an hour to read.

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Her Christmas Hunk
by Lexi Rose
Date Started
16th December 2020
Date Finished
16th December 2020