Her Bad idea - Sagan Morrow

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Official Blurb:

Focus on the dance competition. The business opportunity. The prize money, for goodness sake.
Anything except…
That smarmy attitude.
Those mocking eyes.
That chiseled jawline.
Staying focused on the task at hand might be harder than Scarlett Mitchell thought, when she’s stuck with sexy, arrogant Pete Fraser as her dance partner for the next six weeks. But she has no choice—he’s her only hope to win the big dance competition. Scarlett needs to win that prize money if she wants to save her burlesque business from bankruptcy.
...And it’s all the more complicated when she unexpectedly finds herself in a fake relationship with Pete, as an attempt to make her unrequited crush, Westley Prince, jealous...

My Thoughts:

This was a really fun, easy and light read.
It is only 181-pages long so is a really fast-paced story following Scarlett who is a burlesque dancer and is struggling financially. When she gets the opportunity to earn some big money, she jumps at the chance even if that means working with THE most annoying man in the world.
The storyline flows really well and even though it is number seven of a series you don’t feel as if you have missed out on anything. I believe books 1-6 follow Scarlett’s friends Helen and Emma, and that this book is the first in Scarlett’s journey! I am certainly intrigued enough to continue reading about Scarlett and to go back and read the previous books.
I loved Scarlett’s stance on babies, being in my 40’s and childless myself I have been there with the conversations of ‘wait until your clock ticks’ and ‘you’ll change your mind’. Well, I’m still waiting for the clock, and I’ve not changed my mind so far. So, I could really resonate and relate to Scarlett’s points of view on this. Polyamory and marriage I have slightly different opinions, but it wouldn’t do if we were all the same now would it!
Scarlett is very open and to the point about her onions, and it is quite refreshing for subject matters not to be skirted around. This was a delightful part of the writing from the author!
I did have one niggle, however. Scarlett’s constant use of the word ‘business’ to describe what she does and how she works was infuriating. She is a dancer; she should be promoting ‘herself’ not a business. She should be marketing her skill set, not her business. The ‘business’ just made it all very formal and didn’t fit in well with what she did for a living. It was quite jarring.
I did thoroughly enjoy this book, though. It was refreshing and lighthearted, and I will definitely be reading the rest in the series!

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Her Bad Idea
by Sagan Morrow
Date Started
21st August 2020
Date Finished
23rd August 2020
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