Forever My Love - Fiona Starr

Forever my love

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Official Blurb:

She ran away before she got burned.
He's been burned so badly, he's still hot about it.
But when Madeline Blaze and Gerry Cosgrave meet, they light an inferno between them that neither one is prepared for.
Can they tend their old wounds in order to re-kindle their hearts?

My Thoughts:

I really liked the continuity of this book to the one I’d just finished ‘Forever Mine by Laney Powell’. They’d kept to a lot of the same details like the castle, the pub and events happening. So it felt nice and familiar!
The background stories for both Madeline and Gerry were really sad, and they both had every right to be cautious. The misunderstanding on Gerry’s side was hilarious, and I was screaming “use your words” as they weren’t communicating!
I felt like the end was a little rushed, it was a sweet ending, but I needed more details about how the logistics could have been worked out so quickly and easily. We were just supposed to get swept away with the romance of it but forget all the details we had been given throughout the book that would have made this ending very hard to come by. So this lets the book down a little for me, I’d been enjoying it up until then!

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Forever My Love
by Fiona Starr
Date Started
7th March 2019
Date Finished
7th March 2019
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