For Once in My Life - Colleen Coleman

For once in my life

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Official Blurb:

Twenty-nine-year-old Lily Buckley planned to be happily married and in her dream job by now. Instead she’s been single since being left at the altar three years ago, and works at her local paper, writing about giant vegetables at the village fete and a dog who looks exactly like Chewbacca.
Not quite what she was dreaming of.
So when Lily’s given the opportunity to write her own column it’s exactly what she’s always wanted – except what she has to write about. She has to do one thing every week that scares her.
With encouragement from sexy colleague – and adrenalin-junkie – Christopher, Lily agrees. From sky-diving to haunted houses, Lily is going to be pushed to her limit. But Lily is hiding something – the thing that she fears the most of all…
Ever since her heart was broken Lily has been afraid of falling in love again. Will fear hold her back once more – or can Christopher help her to finally find happiness?

My Thoughts:

This was a really easy fun read. It was fast-paced, and I can’t believe how quickly I read it!
The storyline was very unrealistic, though, that a newspaper could be saved in such a genial manner, seemed a bit preposterous. However, the way the book was written made you just ‘go with it’. You get swept away with all the silliness and the unbelievable situations. The characters are likeable, and you want them to succeed.
It had some laugh out loud moments and some cringe behind your sofa moments too, it was the perfect chick-lit book that I needed at the moment. It also made me rethink my bucket list as some of the things on there are what Lily’s boss would certainly class as ‘boring’ and un-newsworthy!

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For Once in My Life
by Colleen Coleman
Date Started
10th November 2018
Date Finished
11th November 2018
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