Falling For Molly: Part 2 (Angel Book 2) - Tracy Lorraine

Falling for molly 2

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Official Blurb:

Giving your heart to your best friend comes with a big risk. Losing them forever.
Molly’s found what’s she’s always wanted. Love. Only her fears and insecurities stand in the way of true happiness.
Ryan’s been given a second chance at love. As outside forces try to tear it apart he’s going to have to fight for what he wants.
Deciding their future is together, Molly and Ryan need to show a united front if they’re going to earn the blessings of the people around them.
When history repeats itself will it be the end of the road for both of them, or can they come out the other side stronger than ever? 

My Thoughts:

Well, I mentioned in the review for the first book about typos being a problem well that was nothing compared to this book. This is probably the worst book I have ever read for errors! There were words like ‘she’ spelt ‘ahe’, ‘into’ spelt ‘itto’! These are just two examples that stuck in my mind, but there were a lot more! I was just screaming at the book the entire time “where were your proofreaders and editing team?” It ruined the book. I can only assume they were distracted by the steamy nature of the book!
I also wish Tracy Lorraine had concluded the story in book one and not filled an entire second book with Molly and Ryan’s story. I’m not a prude and don’t mind some saucy action in books, but it was literally every other page, and in the end, it became mundane and boring. I felt like the chemistry was no longer there because they were just having sex because the writer felt like they had to. I was desperate for the little snippets of an actual story where they weren’t having sex just for something else to be happening in the book other than sex as I was so desensitised to it.
I’m now in two minds whether to give book three a try, I know her books get better as the ones I’ve read recently are really good, and Beth that I read as part of this series was the first one I read but at what point did she sort herself out a good proofreader?

This book has now had a bit of an overhaul; it has a new cover and even a new title. It is now called 'Falling for Daniel'.

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Falling For Molly: Part 2
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
26th September 2018
Date Finished
28th September 2018
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