Falling For Molly: Part 1 (Angel Book 1) - Tracy Lorraine

Falling for molly 1

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Official Blurb:

A cheating boyfriend has Molly reeling and looking for comfort, but what she finds in her best friend's arms is TOTALLY unexpected.
After Ryan's recent tragedy forces him to restart his life, he doesn't hesitate to offer his broken-hearted best friend a lifeline.
What seems like a good idea to both quickly becomes complicated as the long-denied chemistry between them suddenly ignites.
But is following that desire to its ultimate conclusion worth it, especially if it means losing your best friend?

My Thoughts:

I’ve really enjoyed Tracy Lorraine’s latest books so I decided I would go back to the beginning and read her back catalogue of books. This was her first book, I believe, and unfortunately, you could tell. Mainly because of typos. The story itself wasn’t too bad; my main problem with it was the length of time Ryan’s girlfriend Hannah had been dead before he starts to fall for her best friend, Molly. Six months just doesn’t seem long enough, and I think a year or longer would have made the story more appropriate or plausible.
However, other than that it was well written as you could really feel the chemistry between the two coming off the page and you ended up desperate for them to get together. The book ends abruptly meaning you need to read the second instalment to reach the conclusion of their romance.

This book has now had a bit of an overhaul; it has a new cover and even a new title. It is now called ‘Falling for Ryan’.

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Falling For Molly: Part 1
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
23rd September 2018
Date Finished
26th September 2018
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