Falling For Ruben (Angel Book 4) - Tracy Lorraine

Falling for emma

Reading Challenge Category: Kindle Unlimited.

Official Blurb:

Can you fall in love from just a photograph?
I’ve experienced the pain love can cause and I have no interest in it.
Easy relationships and easier women are all I need.
Until a shy brunette stops me in my tracks and makes me feel everything I told myself I never would.
But will old habits ruin my chances from the very beginning or can I convince her I’m worthy of her?
I’m falling for an innocent virgin and I’m powerless to stop.

My Thoughts:

I originally read this when it was called ‘Falling for Emma’, but his book has now had a bit of an overhaul; it has a new cover and even a new title. It is now called ‘Falling for Ruben’.

I liked Emma’s character, it was nice not to have a ‘perfect’ model like protagonist but instead someone with body issues and insecurities, which made her a little bit more real. I’m not so sure I liked Ruben as he seemed like a bit of a thug ready to just beat up anybody. Also, the end scene which introduces Connie’s story is just awful and a terrible way to leave Emma’s story too.
This book was really good that it had so much more depth to it as well and is so much more than just an erotic read, although it certainly did have some blushful moments. It had a sophisticated and developed story to tell other than just two people falling into bed together. I felt that this showed the author’s development as a writer from the first two books in this series. However, she still needed to sort a proper proofreader out as the typos are still atrocious. There are wrong words, words missing, words with commas in the middle of them, misspelt words. It is just a nightmare to read for that reason.

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Falling For Ruben
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
22nd October 2018
Date Finished
24th October 2018
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