A Ransom Christmas - Rachel Schurig

A ransom christmas

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Official Blurb:

Join the entire Ransom gang as they invade Vegas for the wedding none of them ever expected to happen—and plenty of Christmas surprises!

My Thoughts:

This was a heartwarmingly lovely book. All the Ransom brothers feature, and we get to see them moving forward with their lives at Christmas time.
I was a bit unsure about reading a Christmas book in October as I usually like to store them all up for December to read. However, the Christmas content was quite light and not in your face. You were just gently reminded every now and again that Christmas was approaching with a culmination of a party at the end.
This book seemed a little raunchier than the other Ransom books, but I’m not sure if I was imagining that! The boys just seemed to want to get their wicked ways with their woman constantly; it was quite amusing.
There was plenty of laugh out loud moments mixed in with lots of emotional rollercoasters too. It was such a well-written book as you really felt the emotions coming off the page and felt what the characters were feeling.
All in all, a brilliant further instalment of a ‘Ransom’ book!

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A Ransom Christmas
by Rachel Schurig
Date Started
19th October 2018
Date Finished
20th October 2018
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