All Summer With You - Beth Good

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Official Blurb:

There's no place like home...
Nursing a broken heart, Jennifer Bolitho retreats to Pixie Cottage. Her new landlord - a former soldier turned movie heartthrob - has grounds so large, she's sure the little house nestled in the woods will bring her solitude.
Alex Delgardo also has reasons to hide away. Seeking refuge after a tragic incident turned his world upside down, he knows that the most important thing now is to care for his ailing family. But when Jennifer enters their lives, that changes. Because, as they both learn, you can't heal others until you learn to heal yourself...

My Thoughts:

This is the first Beth Good book that I have read, I have read her thriller books under the pseudonyms Jane Holland and J. J. Holland. So I was intrigued to see what her romance lit was like; I was so pleasantly surprised! It is so far removed from her psychological thrillers, and the ability to change genre like that is phenomenal! This woman can write!
I loved ‘All Summer With You’, it drags you in right from the start. I mean there is a goat wandering around, what’s not to love! You know Jennifer has a sad past, but when she meets Alex, you know that he has secrets too. Can they drop their barriers long enough to let each other in? Nelly was such a fantastic character; I wish I had a Nelly in my life! I really enjoyed all the Cornish folklore, I’ve had to look up some of it to see if it was real or made up for this book. It seems to be ‘real’ so not only is the book the perfect escapism book, but it also incorporates some amazing history and mythology of Cornwall in a fun and informative way. I have learnt about something that I didn’t even know existed!
The book is so well-written; it has the obligatory ups and downs that you would expect from a romance novel. It has hilarious moments (have I mentioned the goats), and it has a cat!!! So pleased I gave ‘Beth Good’ a try and certainly adding her to my romance lit list of authors!

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All Summer With You
by Beth Good
Date Started
15th June 2019
Date Finished
16th June 2019
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