All Dressed Up - Lucy Hepburn

All dressed up

Reading Challenge Category: A book about a wedding

Official Book Blurb:

Unpredictable travel and runaway dresses create a race against the clock. Will Molly find love at the finish line?
Molly Wright is in Paris, in a romantic restaurant, with the moonlight dancing over La Seine, sitting next to her long term boyfriend Reggie…hoping he doesn’t propose! She’s not sure they want the same things anymore—he wants the big time, all she wants to do is design clothes.
Molly gets her wish: Reggie doesn’t propose. Instead, he breaks up with her!
Her broken hearted thoughts are interrupted by a frantic message from her sister who needs a teeny tiny favour: she’s getting married in Venice in two days and she wants Molly to pick up the all-important dress from the Parisian designer.
But the dress seems determined to get away from her, and transportation keeps letting her down. When film-maker Simon Foss tags along for the ride Molly thinks he’s another Hollywood wannabe, and just one more distraction that Molly doesn’t need. Especially when she finds herself falling for him!

My Thoughts:

I found this book quite frustrating as a lot of the things that happened that were supposed to be a ‘disaster’ could have been avoided. For example, don’t get on a skiddo and drive down a mountain with the wedding dress strapped to the back if you don’t want something to happen to the dress! I think maybe I was in too sensible a headspace for this book as I don’t usually mind chewing-gum-for-the-brain books which is what this was. However, it was silly for the sake of being silly, which is something I hate.
It was apparent Simon thought she was with Pascal because of the pregnant pauses she left which were just too obvious insinuating that she was with him to the casual observer while she was all so innocent in her comments. I think these parts were just badly written to incite a future twist that was just obvious throughout.
As for the sister’s lack of trust in Molly being able to get her wedding dress to her, then why didn’t she organise her own courier? If the designers couldn’t get one sorted, and her fiancé was that rich, some couriers exist that will get things to you same day if you throw enough money at them. I suppose, then, there wouldn’t have been a book!

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All Dressed Up
by Lucy Hepburn
Date Started
15th January 2018
Date Finished
18th January 2018
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