All’s Fair: A Lilac Bay Novel - Rachel Schurig

Alls fair

Reading Challenge Category: Was supposed to be a free ARC but I didn’t have time to do the review by the deadline, but I wanted to read it anyway!

Official Book Blurb:

Cora Hanson's bar is a Lilac Bay institution.
And that's just the way she always wanted it. Nothing makes Cora happier than knowing her friends and neighbors are having a good time at Cora's Place, the pub she's poured her heart and soul into. Sure, maybe it gets a little stressful, working as much as she does. And yes, it's been an awful long time since Cora has made time to date. But what does that matter so long as her bar remains Lilac Bay's most popular gathering place?
When Owen Nichols shows up with plans to open his own bar, Cora is sure she doesn't have anything to worry about. There's no way some outsider can compete with her years of success. There's only one problem-Cora and Owen have history. And it's hard to concentrate on beating Owen in business when she can't seem to forget what it was like to be in his arms.
Cora knows she needs to get her head in the game if she wants to win in this battle of the beer joints. But Owen doesn't seem to be backing down. And it's starting to look like it's not Cora's customers he's after-it just might be her heart. 

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book, but I think the official blurb ruined the plot a little, especially the start. You knew Owen’s intentions from the beginning that he was going to open a bar, (even though he might not have known at the start) you knew from the blurb! So that meant you couldn’t get caught up in the romance between him and Cora in the beginning as you were already prepared to dislike him!
However, it was still a good Rachel Schurig read, and a really lovely Lilac Bay follow on. I do hope we get to have Posey’s story one day, we did get a little more of a glimpse into her life in this book, but the author really is teasing us with what is going on with her!

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All's Fair
by Rachel Schurig
Date Started
2nd April 2018
Date Finished
6th April 2018
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