Wrong for Me - Rachel Schurig

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Official Blurb:

Rose Ransome grew up believing in love stories.
It was easy enough to have faith when she saw so many examples of true love all around her—her aunts and uncles, her grandparents, and the biggest love story of all, her own mom and dad.
But Rose’s life isn’t all happy stories and fairy tales. Being the oldest daughter of Daltrey Ransome, lead singer of one of the most famous rock bands in the world, means living a life adjacent to the spotlight. And it turns out dating in her famous father’s shadow isn’t always easy.
Leo Malone has one goal—earn the PhD he’s spent years working towards. He definitely doesn’t have time for complications or distractions. But when his summer fling turns up in his office, he knows the distractions are only just beginning. Rose Ransome is every bit as gorgeous, captivating, and maddening as he remembers. And Leo’s life just got a whole lot more complicated.
Rose and Leo are completely wrong for each other. So why can’t they stay away?

My Thoughts:

It was so wonderful to be able to get Rose Ransome’s story; she is iconic in this world. Rose is the firstborn of the famous Ransome brothers; she’s been in the books for quite some time. With her father and uncles bestowing their love and affection on her it was understandable that the attention rubbed off on us the readers and so she became our favourite of the Ransome offspring too.
Rose was written exquisitely in this book. She was just as I’d imagine she would grow up to be. The model on the front cover was also the perfect choice; this is who I could see in my imagination and from the descriptions given.
The storyline was fast-paced and captivating. The author had warned us that this book was long; however, it didn’t feel it. In fact, I wish I wasn’t done with it, and I had more to read!
Her involvement in the PhD programme and her dilemma towards the end really resonated with me on a personal level as I went through the same crisis last year. Reading about her workload and what was expected was giving me flashbacks to the horrible decision I had to make not to pursue my PhD. It was the right choice for me once I’d made the decision and I’m sure with how she felt it was the right one for Rose (yes I know she’s fictional, but the books are so superbly written I feel like these people are real!). The author captured this quandary perfectly and was actually giving me chills as it’s exactly how I felt 12 months ago!
I wasn’t completely enamoured with Leo; I think I wanted someone almost mythical to meet the expectations I had for Rose. I was with her father and uncles on this one she deserved everything, and I’m not convinced Leo was the right fit. I could see what he saw in her but not really the other way around.
Overall, this was a fantastic addition to the Ransome family books, and I’m really excited to see who we get to cosy up with next!

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Wrong For Me
by Rachel Schurig
Date Started
17th October 2020
Date Finished
20th October 2020
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