Wish for Me - Rachel Schurig

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Official Blurb:

Everly Ransome is finally marrying the love of her life, and she's throwing the wedding of the decade! What she doesn't know is that the wedding planning has been a total disaster--and the reason she doesn't know is because her fiancé and the entire Ransom gang been working overtime to hide the drama. An injured photographer, a ruined wedding dress, and now a fire at their venue. What else could possibly go wrong?
Yeah, asking questions like that is just tempting fate!
You're invited to Everly and Bodhi's New Year's Eve wedding! Catch up with all your favorites and celebrate the holiday season with the Ransomes this year!

My Thoughts:

Aaaahhh, what a lovely feel-good festive story!
I love revisiting the Ransomes, and this one gives us a special treat as we are following four characters (and then two at the end), so we are getting a taste of different lives, but all within the same story.
We have Vega, who we have only seen in the background so far. I really hope her main story is coming up soon, but I think Nix might be in the running for his story too.
We get to spend some time with Rose again, and also Bodhi and Wyatt. All of whom we have seen before, but I’d never say no to spending time in their lives for a little bit longer. It did take some getting used to changing character perspectives from chapter to chapter especially going from Rose to Bodhi, but I soon got used to it.
This is shorter than some of Rachel Schurig’s other books, so you get through it at a fair old pace. The fantastic story and superb writing undoubtedly help this.
It was great to be a part of Alex and Bodhi’s wedding, even if it did jump from disaster to disaster. I just wanted them all to throw money at it, but the fact they didn’t just makes them all that much more loveable.
So, another wonderful book in this series, and I can’t wait for the next one!

Wish For Me
by Rachel Schurig
Date Started
1st December 2022
Date Finished
2nd December 2022