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Wicked games

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Official Blurb:

A teenage mum must fight dirtier than the men who sexually abused her by first seducing and then turning their hired hitman against them. Together the two lost souls, abused and used by people they should trust, have to unite and fight as one or face fatal consequences.

My Thoughts:

Update 6th January 2019:
I felt terrible for not giving this a full chance and reading the whole book. So when the author emailed to say a new version was available on NetGalley but without the editing problems the first had incurred, I decided to give this another chance.
I think it was the initial editing problems that made the book feel like a script as I didn’t notice this problem the second time.
However, I stand by my comments below that the story and writing seemed somewhat erratic. It was jumping all over the place, and it was tough to keep up with all the different characters. Also, the scenes didn’t play out fully, and you would be jumping from one moment to about ten minutes later, and you were left baffled as to what was going on.
Overall, the book felt very rushed and not very well planned out.
I’m glad I gave it a proper go, though, but I will stick with the one-star rating that I initially gave it.

Review 14th December 2018:
I’m afraid I had to give up on this after the first chapter (out of the 115 books I’ve read this year I’ve only done that with two others, so it’s not a regular occurrence of mine).
The writing style was so bizarre, it seemed really erratic and all over the place. I didn’t have a clue what was going on; it was like I’d come into the middle of a book. I know when you start a book, it’s all new and you have to find your bearings, but with this one, it just seemed impossible. It almost seemed more like a script than a novel the way it was written; I’m not sure if that was intentional?
So I’m really sorry, but this book just wasn’t for me.

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Wicked Games
by Andrew Field
Date Started
5th January 2019
Date Finished
5th January 2019
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