When We Were Very Young - A. A. Milne

When we were very young

Reading Challenge Category: Part of the complete Collection of Winnie the Pooh, a ‘book’ from the bucket list challenge

Official Blurb:

'They're changing guard at Buckingham Palace - Christopher Robin went down with Alice.'
Curl up with A. A. Milne’s classic book of poetry for children, When We Were Very Young. This is the first volume of rhymes written especially for children by Milne – as popular now as when they were first written. Featuring E. H. Shepard’s original illustrations, this collection is a heart-warming and funny introduction to children’s poetry, offering the same sense of humour, imagination and whimsy that we’ve come to expect from Milne's favourite books about Winnie-the-Pooh, that Bear of Very Little Brain.

My Thoughts:

Ok, I hate poetry! Or perhaps, I should say, I don’t understand poetry!
I hadn’t realised books three and four were JUST poetry and that this book has nothing to do with Winnie The Pooh at all. I was so grateful that it was just 101 pages long so I could read it fast and get it over and done with. I wouldn’t have bothered at all, but you need to read all four books to be able to scratch this one off the ‘bucket list poster’.
Some of the poems were fun, but others were just very bizarre, and I just kept thinking what is the point to them!
They were all just so random, I’d hoped that they would all be connected and tell a story, but nope, just random poems shoved in a book.
Market Square was probably the nicest of all, where it tells a story of a little boy wanting to buy a rabbit. I felt like this poem had a little purpose.
Rice Pudding, on the other hand, was frustrating. It asks throughout ‘What is the matter with Mary Jane?’ but you never get to find out! So what was the point to it?
I’m sure my husband would tell me I’m not very cultured for not liking poetry, well if that’s the case then so be it. We can’t all like the same things; otherwise, the world would be a very boring place!

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When We Were Very Young
by A. A. Milne
Date Started
20th January 2019
Date Finished
20th January 2019
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