When Polly Met Olly - Zoe May

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Official Blurb:

Polly and Olly were never supposed to meet…
Polly might spend her days searching for eligible matches for her elite list of clients at her New York dating agency, but her own love life is starting to go up in smoke.
Even worse, she can’t stop thinking about the very person she’s meant to be setting her latest client up with… surely it can’t get any worse!
But then Polly bumps into oh-so-handsome Olly, who heads up a rival agency, and realizes that perhaps all really is fair in love and dating war…

My Thoughts:

I really fancied an easy-going romantic comedy. So I trudged through NetGalley to find a book that took my fancy and this one jumped out at me straight away. Yes, I judged a book by its cover, but sometimes that’s the only way!
I’m always a bit trepidatious when trying a new author and one that isn’t for ‘request’ but ‘read now’ on NetGalley, but this book ticked all my boxes. It was fun, light, romantic and well-written.
Polly is having to sell-out and get an office job when her dreams of becoming a photographer are falling flat. However, this isn’t just a typical office job in a GP’s office that would fry her brains; this is a crazy no day is the same matchmaking service job. Her first assignment? Infiltrate the opposition!
Lots of high jinx, close encounters and love matching ensues. Polly goes on a journey of self-discovery while at the same time helping others find their soulmate. Can she too find happiness and the love of her life at the same time?
I did think the book could have been a little shorter. A lot of the smaller storylines are tied up with a neat bow at around 50%. Polly’s storyline is still to conclude; however, the ending did feel a little drawn out compared to the beginning. It wasn’t bad it just lost pace a little. I saw the ‘twist’ coming a mile away, but that didn’t stop it being sweet and me hoping that I was right.
Even though this was a fun and easy read and I did enjoy it, there was a lot wrong with it also. I couldn’t quite get on board with the 20 year age gap between Polly and Olly, did that make her really young or him really old? I don’t think it actually specified ages. The morals of the dating agency seemed a bit questionable. I always thought you were matched at these things with other clients, not the staff pretending to be you while chatting to potential random matches online. This means every relationship they match is starting off on a lie as one half of the couple doesn’t know they weren’t talking to their match but some office worker.
I do hope that this book went through a final proofreading and copy-editing process before publication as there was a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. I do usually try and ignore these when reading an ARC copy, but there were a lot!
So overall, it ticked the boxes for the kind of mood I was in. It wasn’t the perfect book, but it was a pleasant, amusing and light read.

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When Polly Met Olly
by Zoe May
Date Started
21st September 2019
Date Finished
23rd September 2019
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