What She Saw - Wendy Clarke

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Official Blurb:

How far would you go to keep your daughter safe?
Everyone knows Leona would do anything for her daughter, Beth: she moved to Church Langdon to send Beth to the best school, built a business to support them and found the perfect little cottage to call home. They hike together, shop together, share their hopes and fears. It’s the relationship every mother dreams of.
But Leona never talks about why they moved to the Lake District.
She’s never told Beth anything about her father.
She says Beth should never speak to strangers. She says Beth doesn’t need friends. She’s only trying to protect her daughter.
When Leona answers the phone one morning, her heart stops as she hears a voice from her past.
She’s given her daughter everything, but now she must tell her the truth. And once it’s out, can she keep her little girl safe?

My Thoughts:

I have been seeing this author’s books all over Twitter and just knew I had to find time to read either this one or ‘We Were Sisters’. I chose this as it was her debut novel, and I really liked the sound of the blurb.
It was very slow going, to begin with, and even though you knew something was coming, you weren’t really given any tidbits to keep you interested until about halfway through. Once I reached this point, I flew through the story wanting to know the outcome. Unfortunately, it took me a while to commit to the book and get to the good bit.
We are following Leona and her family. Leona seems to be cracking up, and Beth, her daughter, needs someone to pay her attention. She finds this in the wrong place, and her parents are unaware of the danger she is putting herself in as they are so preoccupied with their own lives.
The story appears at first to just be plodding along, but once we start to get the back story to ‘Ria’, everything starts to get a lot more exciting. I guessed the big twist but not the circumstances surrounding it. This made it still enjoyable to discover.
It was a classic Psychological Thriller whereby you didn’t know who to trust or who could be lurking in the shadows. Again, once this tension had been built up was when the book truly became gripping and unputdownable.
It was an enjoyable enough read, but I’m not sure I’ll be reading the author’s other book, solely based on how long it took me to get into this one.

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What She Saw
by Wendy Clarke
Date Started
6th November 2019
Date Finished
9th November 2019
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