What If? - Shari Low

Reading Challenge Category: Free ARC from NetGalley

Official Blurb:

Carly Cooper is 30, single, and after coming close to saying ‘I Do’ to six different men, she’s wondering if she accidentally said ‘goodbye' to Mr Right.
But there is a problem.
Her ex-boyfriends are scattered all over the world and Carly lives in 1999; an era before Facebook, Google, smartphones, 4G and Broadband, when it was impossible to track people down with a few clicks of a mouse.
On a mission to discover if she walked away from her 'happy ever after', Carly quits her job, her flat, her whole life and sets off on a quest to track down all the men she has ever loved. Her Mr Right is out there, but can she find him?
And what if he’s moved on from the ex-girlfriend who said goodbye?

My Thoughts:

I so love Shari Low’s books; they have just the perfect recipe for chilling out and emerging yourself in the crazy world of someone else for a few hours!
I hadn’t gotten around to reading all of Shari Low’s back catalogue so when I saw she was rereleasing her very first book for the 20th anniversary and the ARC was available on NetGalley I jumped at the chance to read this. I wondered if it would have the same magic elements I was used to or whether her writing style had developed over time, and this would now feel dated. Well, her writing style has evolved, but that doesn’t for a second mean that this was a bad book as she was a brilliant author right from the start of her career and it had the magic elements I was used from her style of writing.
This didn’t have the usual heartbreaking moments in it that she often includes; however, it had full-on hilarity and craziness! It was so lighthearted and fun to read; I didn’t want it to end. I loved the flashbacks to all of Carly’s exes; I think these were the best bits of the book. Then when she revisits everyone, these are just as crazy and fantastic events to read as well. I did guess the ending, but it was still exciting to be on the journey with her and to see how it would pan out. The end itself seemed a little rushed, and I would have liked it to be just a little longer so I could spend just a bit more time with the characters.
I thought the characters were wonderfully written and you really liked them all. You wanted only the best for everyone you came into contact with.
Such a brilliant book and I’m glad I got the chance to read it and be a part of the relaunch for its 20th anniversary! It has indeed lasted the test of time and just being back in 1999 and having to remember that the internet wasn’t as readily available made for a refreshing change. Life was so much more real back then!

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What If?
by Shari Low
Date Started
27th August 2020
Date Finished
30th August 2020
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