What Happened on Floor 34? - Caroline Corcoran

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Official Blurb:

Her dream job just became her worst nightmare…
My name is Rose, and I work for one of the country’s biggest newspapers. I was the Day Editor. Will Frost was the Night Editor.
When I got to the office, Will had already left. When I left, Will arrived. We were two sides of the same coin.
Last week, Will disappeared from floor 34 without a trace. Now I am the Night Editor.
And I have a feeling I’m next.

My Thoughts:

This is a very strange book. The narration takes some getting used to as Rose spends the most of her thoughts and the book contemplating things. She overthinks everything, and we are privy to that. The book is only set from her perspective until the very end, so we don’t really get a break from her thoughts.
Once you get used to the different style of narration, it does get easier to read. However, I did find myself glossing over a lot of what she thought, as sometimes it felt like irrelevant waffle. She would also go off on tangents. Sometimes they were relevant, and others, I just couldn’t understand why we were wasting time with them.
There were some slow parts to the book, and I did feel like I just wanted to get on with knowing what had happened to Will. Rose’s connection to what happened to Will is very odd. She completely upends her life trying to find out. I know something terrible has happened to her, but she delves into the disappearance, convinced it is connected. However, there is no basis for these thoughts, just hunches.
Rose becomes increasingly morose as the book progresses, making this a tough read. It also touches on a very difficult topic of abuse.
I did want to keep picking up the book and reading it, and I felt invested by the end of wanting to know what had happened with Will and how it would all come together. However, it wasn’t an easy read, and I did plod through it.
Compared to the rest of the book, the ending moves at quite a fast pace. Everything starts to get unravelled, and it all starts to make sense. I hadn’t guessed anything, so everything was as shocking for me as it was for Rose. The ending definitely made up for the slowness of the rest of the book, and I felt satisfied by the end of it. It had been worth the wait. It is very twisty and turns and even leaves you thinking at the very end with the shocking revelations that have just been thrown at you.
A solid four stars from me on this as, overall, I enjoyed it and would recommend it!

What Happened on Floor 34?
by Caroline Corcoran
Date Started
18th December 2023
Date Finished
23rd December 2023