What Child is This - Rhys Bowen

What child is this

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Official Blurb:

Jack and Maggie Harris are adrift on ravaged streets during the London Blitz. Their home is gone. They have nowhere to go and nothing left to lose. With only the memories of their greatest loss—the death of their child during a Christmas years before—Jack and Maggie settle in a seemingly deserted mansion for the night.
Inside they find shelter, warmth, and a bit of cheer. They also discover a surprise. Now, in the darkest of times, the unexpected compassion of strangers will make this Christmas one to remember forever.

My Thoughts:

This was a really short story of a couple overcoming the travesty of war at the worst possible time of year, Christmas.
Like when I read ‘Wives of War by Soraya M. Lane’ earlier on this year, this really made me think about the parts of World War 2 that I’d never given much thought to. I’d never thought about people losing their homes just before Christmas and having nowhere to go or no money to be able to go anywhere.
So even though this book was short, it invoked all feelings of empathy and heartache for this couple that I’d had no time to get to know. It was well written as you really felt the war around you as you read.
The only downside is that I would have liked it to be a little longer as the ending felt a bit rushed.

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What Child is This
by Rhys Bowen
Date Started
13th December 2018
Date Finished
13th December 2018
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