Their Last Breath - Sibel Hodge

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Official Blurb:

Detective Carter knows all about torture – but he’s never known a case as dark as this one.
The Six…
An abandoned building goes up in flames. Six women are chained inside and left to die – the truth is left to burn with them. Only one piece of evidence remains, but will it be enough to find their killer?
The Detective…
Retired detective Warren Carter has been suffocated by grief for his wife and is looking for a new start. But when he gets a call that cuts to the heart of the force, investigating a corrupt police officer, he has to accept. This time, though, he’s going to have to face his demons and work out who to trust when the truth is guarded by his own colleagues.
The Bad Cop…
It was supposed to be the perfect crime: they knew the system well enough to beat it and get away with murder. But they didn’t know Detective Carter, and how far a man will go when he has nothing left to lose…

My Thoughts:

This was a steady, paced crime procedural.
My husband was reading ‘Duplicity’ by the same author and about the same detective, Warren Carter, at the same time as I was reading this. He was enthralled and stayed up way past bedtime to get it finished. I said to him that this one wouldn’t keep him up all night. However, this isn’t always a negative as this book was still captivating but in a more regular fashion. It keeps a constant rhythm going throughout the book to still leave you sated, interested and intrigued.
There is such a lot going on, and to begin with, I thought there were two separate stories. We have Acting Detective Inspector Warren Carter. He has been brought out of retirement to investigate a horrific crime where six unidentified women have been found dead. The only lead is a police officer’s warrant card.
Detective Sergeant Becky Harris, on the other hand, rushes to a crime scene where a man and a woman have been brutally murdered.
We follow each investigation independently, wondering how they could be related, as they must be. The author does a fantastic job of interweaving the stories, the evidence, the secrets and the lies together. It is hard to keep up, so much is going on, but not in an ‘I have no idea what is going on’ way, more ‘my head is spinning’ way!
ADI Carter is such a grumpy old man that he is lovable; he is thorough and good at his job. He is enjoyable to read about. You feel as if you are along for the ride with the investigations. You are discovering things at the same time as the characters and I like that. You feel a part of the story.
Overall, a really enjoyable read and now I need to go back and read the keep-me-up-till-all-hours ‘Duplicity’ so that I have Carter’s full story!

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Their Last Breath
by Sibel Hodge
Date Started
16th September 2019
Date Finished
17th September 2019
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