The Waiting Room - Emily Bleeker

The waiting room

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Official Blurb:

Ever since her husband’s death collided with the birth of her daughter, postpartum depression has taken hold of Veronica Shelton. She can’t sleep, can’t work, and can’t bear to touch her beautiful baby girl. Her emotional state is whispering lies in Veronica’s ear: You’re a bad mother. Your baby would be better off without you. But not everything can be reasoned away by Veronica’s despair. Can it?
After all, the break-in at her house happened. The disturbing sketches she found in her studio are real. So is the fear for her daughter’s safety—especially when Veronica comes home to a cold, silent nursery and a missing baby.
As she turns from victim into primary suspect, Veronica realizes that only she can find her daughter. Authorities aren’t helping. They’re only watching. Veronica’s concerned mother has suddenly vanished from her life. And a new friend seems to be keeping secrets from her too. Now, reality is waiting for Veronica in a dark place—because someone’s mind games have only just begun.

My Thoughts:

The first chapter is so different from the blurb; it gets you hooked from the off. Then it jumps through time so rapidly you feel like you are getting whiplash, but again you want to know what has happened during these massive leaps of time, so it keeps you hooked.
However, once you are in the midst of the story, it falls a bit flat, it keeps rehashing that she can’t pick up her baby and how she is feeling. It seems to be going nowhere for a very long time, so I was losing interest fast. Her paranoia is based on nothing real. I felt like the readers needed to be given tidbits to make us believe in her a little more.
It also seemed to be losing the plot a bit, and I found it highly amusing on page 165 that it said “how had this day gone completely mad?’ Well, I was thinking at the time “how had this book gone completely mad?”
Nevertheless, the end of the book sort of makes up for the randomness of the middle of the book, as there is one hell of a twist that I didn’t see coming but when I thought about it should have been so obvious. It wasn’t well explained (or I should say not well written) what was going on as the characters weren’t really telling each other anything for quite a bit of time which was frustrating. I am assuming this was to build suspense, but it wasn’t quite working, it was just irritating, but they got there in the end.
Then the book petered out a bit again at the end, so it was definitely an up and down book but not really in a very good way. The premise was good, and it could have been so much better, but it wasn’t very well executed!

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The Waiting Room
by Emily Bleeker
Date Started
23rd November 2018
Date Finished
25th November 2018
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