The Tangled Woods - Emily Raboteau

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Official Blurb:

He went on the road expecting the worst of America, but what if the worst of America was also in him? This is the unsettling story of a man in a midlife crisis and his unexpected awakening, by award-winning writer Emily Raboteau.
Poison-tongued film critic Reginald Wright is known for his creative insults and intolerance for the garbage culture, insufferable rudeness, and thoughtless racism of predictably common people. Now, against his better judgment, and with a marriage in crisis, he’s attempting a getaway in the Poconos that quickly fulfills his every low expectation. In fact, it’s becoming a nightmare. And that’s just what Reginald needs to wake up.

My Thoughts:

Well, this was strange!
It is a short story, and it feels like one. You don’t get any real answers or explanations, and it stops short at the end. Maybe I wasn’t sophisticated enough to understand this, but I finished it thinking, what on earth was that all about?!
It did have moments of intrigue, but they soon turned to disappointment. I have read others in this series, and they were much more exciting and didn’t leave you wondering why you had wasted your time. It wasn’t dark or scary, which I kept expecting to be; it’s more of a lesson in politics, race and human insight! Quite boring, really!

The Tangled Woods
by Emily Raboteau
Date Started
27th February 2023
Date Finished
28th February 2023