The Sweet Bride - Ciara Knight

The sweet bride

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Official Blurb:

Zoey Dixon grew up with her two sisters in a small, football-obsessed town. She managed to escape the Friday night lights and the turmoil of tutoring her high school jock crush by running into the arms of a college professor. A relationship that must remain secret to protect his advancing career in academia. A situation she doesn’t mind since her parents proved long ago that happily ever after only exists in stories. But when Zoey returns to her hometown for Christmas vacation, her high school crush confesses he’s always loved her. Between his confession and her college professor’s growing emotional distance, she’s questioning her entire view on life, her future, and more importantly her concept of love and being loved.

My Thoughts:

I hadn’t realised that this was the third book in a series. It didn’t say this on Booksprout. If it had, I wouldn’t have requested to read it. I felt like I was on the back foot throughout the story as I haven’t read the previous two books, which obviously had background information needed to enjoy this book.
The title and book cover were also a little deceptive as it isn’t really about a bride but rather a girl choosing between two men: her current academic boyfriend or her high school crush. From the blurb, I expected this part to only be a part of the books and then move onto her being a ‘bride’ to one of them for the remainder of the book.
Taking away the disappointment of the above problems, the book was an acceptable read. It didn’t blow me away but filled a small gap that I had in which to fill with a short novella. I may be inclined to read the first two books to see if I can get a real feel for the sisters and what has happened to them and so that I can relate to this story a little better.

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The Sweet Bride
by Ciara Knight
Date Started
23rd February 2019
Date Finished
24th February 2019
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