The Silent Patient - Alex Michaelides

Reading Challenge Category: A book nominated for an award in 2020 (shortlisted in crime & thriller category of the British Book Awards)

Official Blurb:

Alicia Berenson lived a seemingly perfect life until one day six years ago.
When she shot her husband in the head five times.
Since then she hasn't spoken a single word.
It's time to find out why.

My Thoughts:

I’d been quite excited to read this as I was in a crime novel mood. With it being nominated for an award (British Book Awards in the crime & thriller category) I was convinced it must be something special for it to have beaten all the other amazing books out there.
However, I almost gave up on this numerous times whilst reading. It was just so slow going, and we were concentrating on what seemed to be so many irrelevant characters and storylines. Not a lot happens or is given away at all throughout the book. It was only as I reached the 50% way that I started to feel a little invested in the story. I’d given the book this much I might as well see it through to the end. I really hoped it would wow me with its finish otherwise I’d be stumped as to why this was nominated for such a prestigious award.
Fortunately, it didn’t disappoint. I was blown away by the ending, and I could finally see what everyone else must have thought of this book. I didn’t see the twist coming at all, although I knew not everything could be as it seemed. The outcome was genuinely shocking and sorrowful.
The book was, in the end, very well written despite the many typos I discovered. I would have thought for a book to be nominated it would have to be perfect in every way, but it must just be on the merits of the story and not how good a proofreader the author had.
I’m now sat here trying to decide whether I would read any of this author’s work in the future (this is his debut novel). I always think this is a good decider on whether you enjoyed the book or not. I’m in two minds, though. On the one hand, the book was very slow going, but I did get through it quicker than I thought I would when I was at only 15%. It didn’t grab my attention and call at me to keep picking it up, but the end was mind-blowing. So for this reason only I might be willing to give a further novel a try, but I’d have high hopes for it.

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The Silent Patient
by Alex Michaelides
Date Started
9th May 2020
Date Finished
10th May 2020
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