The Silent Bride - Shalini Boland

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Official Blurb:

Alice and Seth are a perfect love story: the handsome doctor and his beautiful fiancée. They’re wealthy, well liked and made for each other—the envy of all their friends. Alice can’t wait for the day of their dream wedding. But when she arrives at the altar, she doesn’t recognise the man waiting to marry her.
When this stranger insists he’s Seth, her husband-to-be, the entire congregation seems to agree. Even her parents try to persuade Alice to go through with the wedding.
As panic sets in, Alice’s world comes apart. Where is the real Seth, and why have all traces of him disappeared from her life? Fearing she’s losing her mind, she sets out to uncover the truth and escape the nightmare she’s living in. But with everyone around her convinced by the fake Seth, how can she ever hope to find the man she loves?

My Thoughts:

I recently finished The Silent Bride by Shalini Boland, and I have to say, I was hooked right from the beginning. The end of the first chapter left me with a feeling of "What?!?!" From there on, the book kept me gripped until the very end.
Speaking of the ending, I have to say I didn't see it coming. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, there was an even better ending and another one after that! The book just kept on giving, and I found myself racing through the pages to find out what happened to Alice and what made her forget.
One of the things I loved about this book was the one-page chapters where we got to see into the mind of the evil character. It added an extra layer of tension and made me feel like it could have been anyone.
Overall, I highly recommend The Silent Bride to anyone looking for a perfect “chewing gum for the brain” psychological thriller that draws you in from the beginning and doesn’t let up until the end. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it has cemented my fandom of Shalini Boland’s books even more!

The Silent Bride
by Shalini Boland
Date Started
1st May 2023
Date Finished
3rd May 2023