The Secret - K.L. Slater

The secret

Reading Challenge Category: I wanted to end the year with the same author with which I’d started.

Official Blurb:

How do you protect your child if they’re keeping a secret?
Every day, a woman like Louise passes you in the street: elegant, confident, determined. But underneath, she’s struggling.
She doesn’t know her sister, Alice, has been scared of leaving the house since their mother died. She doesn’t know when Alice babysits her little boy, Archie, he sometimes sees things he shouldn’t. She doesn’t know Archie has a secret.
A secret that could send cracks through the heart of Louise’s carefully constructed life...

My Thoughts:

I wanted to end the year with the same amazing author that I’d started with, as I still remember how I felt reading that first book almost 12 months ago and I guess I was chasing that feeling!
However, this one didn’t live up to expectations; it fell a bit flat. I just kept expecting something to shock me and think ‘yes this is why her books are brilliant’, but it just didn’t happen. The ‘secrets’ were just ‘oh, is that it?’ The book just plodded on about an agoraphobic girl overcoming her problem really and the other little things going on were just periphery.
The timeline jumps were all over the place and following the two different characters. It was hard to keep up with what was going on, and halfway through it was hard to care as the characters were just not worthy of my interest. It wasn’t that they were unlikeable; they just didn’t have anything interesting about them.
I’m actually pretty gutted that I didn’t enjoy this book as I’d been looking forward to reading another of K.L. Slater’s books for a good few months now and it is the book I’m ending the year on. Oh well, never mind you can’t love them all I suppose!

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The Secret
by K.L. Slater
Date Started
26th December 2018
Date Finished
30th December 2018
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