The Revenge You Seek - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

Scarlett Hunter could run...
But she couldn’t hide forever.
The beautiful girl who tempted me.
The heartless woman who broke me.
She might have got away, but I haven’t forgotten... or forgiven her.
And I never will.
Because piece by piece, she’s taken away everything I care about.
And for that she’ll pay.
When I claim my crown at Maddison Kings University, I’m going to make sure hers is tarnished.
Scarlett Hunter is about to experience the revenge of a Legend.

My Thoughts:

This is the start of a new series, but I would recommend reading the Rosewood High books first, especially ‘Legend’. There is also a small prequel to this book available free via Tracy Lorraine’s Facebook page. Without reading the sequel, at least it could leave you quite confused about what happened eighteen months prior to Scarlett and Kane being at Madison Kings University.
When the author first told us about this new series, I didn’t expect it to be all about the two characters. I thought, like Rosewood High, it would follow different couples per book. So, I was quite surprised when I was about 80% of the way into this one and realised there just wasn’t enough time to get the conclusion and answers I needed. Instead, I was left with a very frustrating cliffhanger and over a month to wait to find out their fates. Oooo, the author knows what she is doing, lol.
The book itself is really gripping, and we are introduced to lots of new and interesting characters. I can certainly see a lot of mileage (and books) from these complex characters. Here, though, we are concentrating on Letty and Kane. They have a dark history and lots of secrets. They also have a hate/hate relationship which draws them to one another and leads to mind-blowing sex. However, there are snippets of it not being all hate between them, and if they could overcome their past, it could turn into a love/hate relationship.
A few details were surrounding the placement of them both at the same university that niggled me a little. In ‘Legend’ Kane is all set up in a house with his brother, and even though Kyle has now turned 18 and can legally look after himself, he is still in school. So now that Kane is at university and has moved away, how is Kyle supporting himself? I felt like getting the characters to be in the same place to fit the new overarching setting of a University was a little forced.
Apart from the one niggle the book was still fascinating, and as I said, it has a massive hook at the end to make sure you pick up the next one when it is released to continue this journey with these characters.

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The Revenge You Seek
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
24th March 2021
Date Finished
26th March 2021
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